About Tarot Readings

About the Cards

Tarot cards have a long history starting in Europe and going back hundreds of years ago. People have always been curious about the future. Divination systems like the Tarot give us a way to access perspectives and insights we don’t normally encounter. While I am not a “fortune teller” the cards commonly deliver rather remarkable insights into the future.

There are a number of decks illustrated by different artists. The deck I use is the Haindl deck though I can use a traditionally illustrated deck if you prefer. The illustrations onĀ  the Haindl Tarot deck differ dramatically from traditional decks offering deep levels of symbolism for us to access. I have found the deck very effective for myself and my clients.

Ways We Can Meet

There are a few options for getting together for a Tarot reading.

  1. If you are local or willing to travel to Bellingham, WA we can meet at your favorite coffee shop.
  2. If traveling to Bellingham doesn’t work for you phone, Skype, and email are all great options.
  3. Outside the USA or Canada we can use Skype or email.

Preparing for the Session

Tarot readings can cover nearly any topic as long as we focus on you. Even if you are curious about another person we will still bring the inquiry back to you. As you consider which questions to ask during the reading think about phrasing them from your point of view. Share as much as you are comfortable sharing with me in the days before our session. I will start the process as you share the situation with me.

Some example questions to model your own questions after:

  • “What do I need to know about my relationship with John Smith?”
  • “What should I be aware of if I pursue a relationship with Jane Doe?”
  • “What is my next step in my spiritual path?”
  • “What do I need to know about accepting the job offer with Acme Publishing?”

What You Can Expect During the Session

  • I follow a highly intuitive process.
  • Whether working directly or by email the session will be very conversational as we focus on and clarify your inquiry.
  • You and I plus spirits and the cards will be flowing and sharing energy around our conversation.
  • After we chat for a bit I will draw the cards face down by how they feel and look to me energetically.
  • Next I turn the cards over in order. Usually the order they are drawn is significant.
  • The cards are rich with imagery to explore. Together we will discover a story or narrative guided by the cards, spirits, and other non-physical sources.
  • While we are sharing in this process we will also let go of expectation. This is both a playful and earnest experience even with very serious or intensely emotional inquiries. Whatever comes up will be surrounded in compassion, love, and connection.

Session Follow-up

After our session I will be happy to answer questions via email. This is limited to one email. If you have more questions or wish to continue with additional card draws I will be happy to schedule another reading with you.

Finally, for your privacy all communications will be deleted from my storage and backup storage systems after our session.

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