Changing Fonts on Your WordPress Site

This week I decided to change the font I use on this web site. Why? When I first showed the site to my wife and a few other people they thought the domain name was pronounced ox-craft. As in oxen.

Oops. My attempt at a cleverly geeky domain name didn’t go quite like I planned.

Nope, this site is not about oxen related arts and crafts.  At least not yet. Of course, who knows what the future holds?

The domain name is an incorporation of the notation for hexadecimal integers zero-x,  0x, pronounced “hex” and the word “craft” which would be pronounced “hex-craft”. (More info on zero-x  here.)

A big source of confusion has to do with the fonts available in WordPress. The number “0” and the letter “O” look very similar on most screens in commonly used fonts. This is one reason zero-x is used frequently in computer programming. The slashed zero is a much clearer representation of zero than the slash-less version.

So, I thought I would experiment. Maybe using a font with slashed zeros would be less confusing?

I found one of the fonts I was looking for at and the other hosted on the creator’s Github page. Make sure to check the licenses. Fonts are protected legally. Some you have to pay for and others are freely available.

When it comes to changing fonts in WordPress the first thing you have to do after finding a font you like is figure out how to access the font files.

You have two choices:

Tell your visitors web browser to import the fonts from a remote server every time they visit,

-OR –

 You host the font on your server with your website.

The first option is pretty easy. One of the readily available plugins will have you up and running in minutes.  Accessing a remote server though can really bog down your site. Slow loading web site are bad for reader experience.

Then there is the privacy thing. Google sees enough of our lives as it is, they don’t need to see when you read this site. (No, I don’t use Google Analytics anymore either.)

Good news!

Hosting fonts is pretty straight forward. I was going to write up the whole process for you. Instead go to Elegant Themes. B.J. Keeton did a really nice write up here.

The short story is you:

  1. Download the font files you want to use,
  2. Upload the font on your web server using FTP or with a file manager through cPanel.
  3. Copy and paste some bits of css code into your style.css and custom.php files,
  4. and, you are done!

After you get a font you like check out your web site with different browsers. Get some help from your friends. Different device and browser combos can display your font differently.

In my case, the fonts I decided on are Inconsolata and  Inconsolata-LGC. Unfortunately, the slashed zero doesn’t show in all browsers. For example, the Silk browser on my Kindle and the browser on my Android phone don’t render the zero with a slash. The font though still looks appropriately geeky .

Geometry, Chi, & Magick

About 5 minutes ago I was in meditation. Asking for my next step I get the nudge to write about mathematics, or more specifically, geometry in meditation. So here I am.

For decades the tesseract as drawn on paper has fascinated me. Here’s a video I found which has some mind boggling animation to ponder.

This is the key. Mind boggling. Anything to shutdown my local, physical brain for a while opens doors in my mind. Those doors lead to some very curious places in the mind-scape.

Another visualization I have been playing with has been folding space. What would it look like if you grabbed a piece of the fabric of the Universe in each hand and brought them together?

All I’ve gotten so far is what looks like a star field popping into my mind’s eye. Should be fun to explore.

The point of this exercise is the shutdown of my local brain experience. Getting the explainer to go play somewhere while I go deeper into other experiences.

Or just observe and learn.

One idea I will experiment with next is using geometry or the folding space process combined with chi. I am curious what will happen when I channel energy into the experience. Both with and without intention.

Be interesting to see what and possibly who might show up and join me for tea and a chat.

11:11 and Synchronicities

Train went by at 11:11 AM yesterday as I arrived at the park. Stenciled on the front and back was


A few minutes later I took the above picture.

Beth is big on the 11:11 thing. So when I saw 11:11 on my phone I admit I did pause to contemplate what the intersection of myself and the train at 11:11 AM was meant to tell me.

I don’t really have an answer. The entire Universe though can be thought of as a symbol machine talking with us continuously. Figuring out the meaning of those symbols usually is the domain of our subconscious.

I am still waiting to see what pops into my consciousness related to this train thing.

Taking My Own Counsel and Illusions of Success

Yesterday I met with a friend for coffee and conversation. The coffee shop is right on Bellingham Bay at Boulevard Park. Feet from the beach I took the above sunset picture. Beautiful. We are both ocean lovers so perfect.

After a while we were sharing about entrepreneurial pursuits and ideas we are pursuing. For myself, one of those is being able to share my mystical background to help people. Along the way we reflected on how different organizations and professions appear to attract people with certain personality types.

Some professions attract or are inherently conflict oriented. Ego and greed can dominate. What is it we want to experience each day? Who do we want to work with and serve? How much money does it take to make a predatory environment worth being part of for us? What if you don’t want to play the game anymore?

These are all important questions for some of us. So, we are chatting about our experiences in these various environments (he has a background in corporate finance with a very well known international company) and making career choices. I decide to do an impromptu card draw while we are talking. What do I need to know in the context of this conversation?

This is the card that I picked out of my deck.
7 cups subtitled Illusions of success. Wow. Cups is a heart centered suit in Tarot. Since yesterday I have been getting this image of the card with water cascading from one cup to the next.

Water is a very deep mystical and spiritual element tied to the Moon. Pouring water from cup (heart) to cup was my vision. Where in my life am I doing this and where am I not? I notice I am experiencing success where I am. Where I am not is stagnating dramatically.

The sharing of the wisdom of the heart is central to my path and experience. Without this aspect any success I have will just be an illusion. The way the Universe works with me I am not going to and am not finding worldly success without the heart sharing.

Time to get all areas of my life back on the path.

The Power of Names and More Secrecy

You may have noticed I changed the name on this site to Sea Magick. Why? First, I admit I can be a perfectionist. Picking a domain name is one of those activities where this can really show up.

Mostly, I wanted to be able to have my magick and sorcery projects a step removed from the public. For some people the word sorcery can be loaded and off-putting. My preference is to deliver information and share experiences which will help people. I don’t really mind if people don’t like the word sorcery. The word magick though is easier to put out there and not have people stumble or project their issues on me.

The word magick is also just so accessible to people!  The real distinguisher is my focus on the ocean. I didn’t want the Sea part of the name to be lost by the Sorcery part. Plus, SeaMagick was available on Twitter and Instagram.  SeaSorcery was not. So there is that. I did like the alliteration in SeaSorcery.

Really if you go by definitions there is no difference between the words magick and sorcery. Everything depends on your source, on how far back you go, and which culture you use as a reference. The earliest reference I could find was a pre-Christian precursor word to sorcery and basically meant pharmacist.

Pick whatever definition you prefer. One way to keep people distracted is get them disagreeing on definitions of words.  While they are acting like amateur lawyers fighting over who has a legitimate claim to some bit of language you can make off with the goods. Amazing how well this works.

The key is in the doing not the definitions we can debate all day long. Since there are 2000 plus years of differing definitions for the word sorcery I am going to be pragmatic. When I write I use the word magick a lot. People are very familiar with the word magick. So I changed the name of the web site. Now my url matches my Twitter and Instagram handles.

About the secrecy. I also realized I will continue with a level of secrecy in certain matters. Even though I actively engage in activities some would call sorcery I am not going to be broadcasting my projects in real time. Even less so for any work for clients.

Stories though are helpful when learning. People are wired to learn through stories. The telling of my own stories is certainly going to be helpful for others. So I will figure out a balance in how much to tell. Secrecy does build power so no telling stories until the results are tabulated.

Edit: Yes! I changed the name again on 11/18/2018! SeaMagick was constraining me so I went back to one of my previous domains. MysticGrail.
Edit: 03/02/2018 Now, I am giving up again and keeping it all on one domain name.